Best Business Ideas While Studying In Collage

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Looking for best business ideas to start in 2023?

6. Start a tutoring business

Help high school students with summer studies or younger college students prep for the classes you aced last semester. 

5. Sell handmade good

If you’re creative, take a break from the books to work with your hands and sell handmade goods. 

4. Sell print-on-demand goods 

Selling print-on-demand goods is another great option for starting a business on a low budget,.

3. Become a freelancer

Make yourself available to take on freelance work like editing, copywriting, illustration, or whatever it is that you do best. 

2. Become a reseller

If you have an eye for potential, scour local buy-and-sell sites or thrift stores for interesting and vintage finds.  

1. Offer technical service

There are several services you can offer to fellow students or the local community, including translation services,