Saturday, May 15, 2021

Reliance becomes India’s largest medical grade oxygen producer, producing 11% of country’s requirement

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Photo:RIL Reliance becomes India’s largest medical grade oxygen producer, producing 11% of country’s requirement

India is currently going through a severe corona crisis. In this era of crisis, the most scarce medical grade oxygen in India. Meanwhile, the country’s most famous company Reliance has come as a troubleshooter for the countrymen. Reliance has now become the country’s largest liquid oxygen producer company at one location. The company announced that 11% of India’s total production is being made by Reliance Liquid Oxygen. Reliance is supplying oxygen to any one in ten patients in the country.

RIL is producing medical grade liquid oxygen at a rate of zero to 1000 MT per day. More than 1000 lakh tons of oxygen is meeting the needs of more than 1 lakh people. In Jamnagar and other refinery-cum-petrochemical complexes, RIL is now producing 1000 metric tonnes of medical grade liquid oxygen per day. The two-pronged approach has been adopted to strengthen the availability of medical oxygen in India, under the personal supervision of Mukesh Ambani, Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance in Jamnagar.

0 to 1000 tons production

Prior to this epidemic, Reliance was not a manufacturer of medical grade liquid oxygen. However, RIL engineers attempted to produce high-purity medical grade oxygen for refining and petrochemicals grade oxygen. Medical grade liquid oxygen has to be produced in liquid form at -183 ° C with about 99.5% purity, which poses extraordinary challenges and risks in production.

Reliance is now able to produce medical grade oxygen from 0 ZERO to 1000 metric tons per day, making up over 11% of the country’s total medical grade liquid oxygen production. This oxygen is being provided free of cost to many state governments across the country to provide immediate relief to more than 1 lakh patients on a daily basis. Since the onset of the epidemic in March 2020, Reliance has supplied 55,000 metric tons of medical grade liquid oxygen throughout the country.

Reliance conducted airlifting of 24 ISO containers from Saudi Arabia, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and Thailand to India, including 500 metric tons of new transport capacity for liquid oxygen. These ISO containers will help overcome transportation bottlenecks for medical grade liquid oxygen in the country. Also, Reliance is airfreighting more ISO containers in the next few days.

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